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Out of town shopfitting specialists

Westfield_London,_The_Village_entrance Out-of-town retailing is changing, like high street retailing, at a faster pace than ever. In addition, there are ways in which large floor area out-of-town stores need to be designed specifically, such as the need to take account of different consumer purchasing behaviour and also the ways in which customer traffic flow varies as floor areas increase.

Part of what we do best is to work regularly with our clients to seek out new ways of keeping them ahead of these challenges and our clients have become used to creative shopfitting solutions that are delivered, consistently, on time and on budget.

We also take great pride in our efficient work scheduling to ensure that, especially where there are multiple trades involved, we organise all aspects of our work in a way that delivers the completed project in the shortest possible time and by avoiding the all too common problem of conflicting trades being on site together.

Whether it’s a refurbishment for an existing shop, a new brief or a design that we have created, our designers are always seeking out the most up-to-date and cost-effective solutions, to make sure that our clients’ shops are used and trusted by their customers.

bgs Throughout the process, our aim is to provide an extraordinarily good service and the key to this is how carefully we listen to your expectations. We then use our experience to advise how these expectations can best be realised.

Many of our out-of-town retailers came originally to The Millerbrown Group as independents, but have since moved on to trading from multiple sites, we like to think with some help from us. Working as a team we have helped these retailers to develop in an affordable way and they have used the experience they gained, and the flexibility that we have built into each shop, to continually modify their offer and brand image. What better way to maximise profitable turnover.

The one certain thing about out-of-town retailing is nothing is certain and the successful operators are the ones that can respond to constantly changing trends and influences. We can’t predict those changes – but we can make sure that your shop is designed to cope with them.

The Millerbrown Group …. passionate about shopfitting.

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